• Quick start. Only you need is to install our client software on any laptop
  • Affordable SAP security solution. The cheapest way to protect your SAP systems. We don't invest in UI and online connectors
  • Customization capabilities. Our security checks could be adjusted by you
  • No ABAP extensions/plugins. Additional SAP user creation is not required
  • New level of IT-Security and anonymization. You don't need to trust us. Our client software is fully open source

How it works

  • Install our client software on any laptop (Python cli tools)
  • Prepare input data for our reports (manually or using RPA). All detailed documentation is available here
  • Send prepared data to offline security server. All sensitive information doesn't leave your laptop!
  • Download the report in 5 minutes

Use Cases

  • SAP Security Vulnerability Analysis (SAP Security Notes)
  • Configuration Settings Analysis (Profile Parameters)
  • SAP Security Baseline Compliance
  • User Role Analysis
  • Segregation of Duties